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Gemma Cullen Photography, Liverpool Wedding Progorapher

About Gemma Cullen: Liverpool Wedding Photographer

Hey there! It's really important that you and your wedding photographer get to know each other. It'll make you feel so much more at ease on our big day. Couples want to enjoy having their photo taken, and to have a laugh whilst doing so.

As a child, I had a love for technology, especially computers. However, my Dad had always been into photography when I was growing up. He even converted our garage into a dark room, to my Mum's displeasure! I often used to sit in there when he was developing photos (for those of you that remember film), and was mesmerised by the process.


Having completed a degree in computing science down in Stafford, I started my career off as a web designer. Later on, I decided that I want to share my computing skills with others, so I became a secondary school teacher (which means that I am excellent at organising people!) So over the years whilst I was teaching full time, I would often take my camera out and about photographing landscapes. Anything to do with photographing nature, animals, (derelict buildings even, yes!!!) interested me! One thing I'd never really done though was photograph people, so some years later whilst out in Liverpool I decided to try some street photography, focussing on capturing images of people going about their day. I loved capturing that momentary look on someone's face, saved forever, which is what led me down the path of wedding photography.


So here I am, all of these years on capturing your wedding day, and telling your story. I'm so proud to have a job that I love, and a business that I have set up from scratch. It absolutely does not feel like work, and I couldn't ask for more!

My Story...

Gemma Cullen Photography, Liverpool Wedding Photographer

Get to know me...

Favourite Animal

Cats every time. I have ragdolls called Daisy and Charlie (Although they only answer to Chaz and Daze!)

Gemma Cullen Photography Heart

TV show

Love a good box set! Schitts Creek, Friends, 3rd Rock From the Sun, or TWD and Last of Us. Two totally different ends of the spectrum!

Gemma Cullen Photography Heart


I'm an indie girl at heart. Love a good gig! Love bands like the Black Keys, the Kills, White Stripes to name a few.

Gemma Cullen Photography Heart


Can't beat tapas in Liverpool at Lunya, or Salthouse Bacaro - delicious! Maray is amazing too!

Gemma Cullen Photography Heart


There is only one answer here...prosecco!

Gemma Cullen Photography Heart


I absolutely love Barcelona. Perfect mix of city and beach. Amazing food, drink and architrture.

Gemma Cullen Photography Heart

Anything else?

I do weightlifting to keep fit (although not to the extremes), love cooking and of course getting out with my camera. Oh and escape rooms - obsessed with them!!!

Gemma Cullen Photography Heart
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